Subscribe to our blog via RSS Feed

To do this, you will need an RSS Reader. This could either be a program you download or an online website service. There are plenty of free ones out there such as Feedly or Netvibes. The latter requires a free account to use the service.


If you choose to use an online service it will require Pilate's on Fifth's Feed URL. For example, with Feedly, if you click on the Get Started link ( in the top left is a text field where the Feed URL is to be placed. You can copy and paste this Feed URL: If you later create a free account with this service, you can use Feedly on any computer or mobile device with their downloadable apps.


If you choose to use an RSS Reader program for your desktop computer, you will need to download and install it first for your appropriate operating system (Mac, PC, etc.). Once you have done that, visit the following feed URL link here. (It should open in a new window).

Once that page has loaded, you will see Pilate's on Fifth's RSS Feed page. In the yellow box at the top of the page, there is a select field next to "Subscribe to this feed using" and you should choose the program you installed previously from this list. Then click the "Subscribe Now" button. Your newly added PO5 Feed should show up in your RSS Reader program!