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Pilates on the Go! - Workout DVD

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Pilates on the Go! is a dynamic full body Pilates workout which you’ll never get bored doing! Conceived with today’s busy lifestyle in mind, you can select workouts as short as 7 minutes or as long as 110 minutes and can tailor your workouts to meet your individual needs. You can work on abs and arms one day, legs, butt and core the next – or do it all for a great full body workout. With all the options this dvd provides, Pilates on the Go! is a great workout choice for frequent travelers, busy moms or anyone who needs to squeeze workouts in when they can! Region-All/ NTSC/ 126 min/ Color/ Unrated/ 4:3 (Full Frame)/ English/ Stereo Click pix below to watch the trailer! Contents: • Warm Up and Core Activation: 11min • Tummy Tightener: 22min • Butt Blaster: 19min • Arm Enhancer: 17min • Leg Toner: 22min • Core Challenge: 15min • Cool Down: 7min • Tips: 11min