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Rebounder Non-Fold Bundle

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For a limited time only, for just over $20 more than the standard price of a rebounder, you can get EVERYTHING you need to jump into total fitness!


  • CARDIOLATES® Rebounder Non-fold
  • SPRI® Weights (specify 1lb. or 2lb.)
  • CARDIOLATES® Stretch Band

CARDIOLATES® rebounders are manufactured by Needak®, the leading manufacturer of rebounders in the world. Only the highest quality materials and superior workmanship go into the production of the rebounders, which is why they are more expensive than similar looking items found in a sports store. One of the most important aspects of an excellent Rebounder and for rebounding is the mat material. It should give no stretch during the downward landing, while at the same time providing a resilient rebound. Needak's specifications for a perfect rebounder is that its mat will be sewn together using 5760 stitches of high-grade nylon thread with two layers of strong polypropylene webbing stitched around the mat's edges.

The Needak®-CARDIOLATES® rebounder is 40 inches in diameter and stands 10 inches tall. The "Jump Mat" is 28 1/2 inches in diameter giving ample room for exercises of all types. The Needak®- CARDIOLATES® rebounders have been time tested and are virtually indestructible. It is securely welded to the frame, providing the safest, most stable rebounding platform available. The Needak®-CARDIOLATES® spring cover is made of a nylon oxford cloth that is oil, water, and sunlight resistant in addition to having a rip resistant component making this fabric practically indestructible.

Standard CARDIOLATES® rebounders have a 300lb weight limit.** CARDIOLATES® rebounders to accommodate higher weights can be special ordered. Please call 1-888-745-2830 if you would like to request a special order.

**Please note that less expensive “mini-trampolines” or even “rebounders” sold at sporting goods stores may not be as durable as Needak’s rebounders and may have a much lower weight limit. As up to 4x your body weight or more can impact the rebounder each time you land, it is important to seek out a high quality, durable rebounder.

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