Pilates for Beginners

        If you are one of the many who has tried many a workout video without seeing results, try our Pilates for Beginners for an exercise video that takes you through the basics and delivers a great workout! Our My First Pilates Workout video is BY FAR the most downloaded Pilates video on the site!!!  Ultimate Pilates Workouts.com breaks down Pilates basics and then builds challenge true to the Pilates technique. Ultimate Pilates Workouts.com is the perfect companion to every Home Gym, and introduces Pilates with an exceptional set of Pilates safety videos and Pilates technique and fundamentals videos to get you started.  Creators Katherine and Kimberly Corp have compiled an ever-growing Pilates Workout library overflowing with full-length Pilates fitness videos perfect for beginners! Exercise videos range from the Pilates basics and techniques, to fitness specific workouts for special conditions and target areas.  The Pilates method is accessible to everyone, and it is especially effective for lower back pain, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and total body conditioning. Pilates is a versatile exercise method for pregnant women, seniors and athletes alike!    Kimberly and Katherine Corp have created the Morning Low Back Care Pilates Workout, the Pink Ribbon Pilates Workout, and Morning Posture Prep Pilates... to name a few! In addition to their innovative online Pilates Workout Library, members also have access to a Training video library where both classic and cutting-edge exercises alike are taught with precision. Practice your Pilates from the convenience of your own home!

        Top Pilates For Beginners Workout Videos

Equipment Pilates consists of over 700 exercises using the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. The equipment provides the support necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles and low back without the risk of injury to the lumbar spine (lower back.) Equipment work adds extra challenge for the arms, legs, shoulder and hip joints than does mat work. Again, all equipment work is supported, so you are never jeopardizing the safety of your lower back. Mat work is an excellent workout and an excellent builder of core strength. The props we use in Ultimate Pilates Workouts.com exercise videos make Pilates mat work both accessible and effective.