The Ultimate in Pilates Training Techniques

If you’re looking for Pilates training and want the best in Pilates exercise ball workouts or Pilates exercise mat workouts, then you have come to the right place! With our focus on proper fitness techniques, high quality workouts and excellent, DVD quality Pilates equipment training videos, Ultimate Pilates Workouts is sure to have everything you need to start or continue your Pilates training. This innovative website features a full range of Pilates mat based workouts and a Pilates video for each piece of Pilates equipment, including the Pilates Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Arc Barrel, Spine Corrector, and the Ladder Barrel.




Pilates Mat and Equipment Training

If all you have in your home is a Pilates exercise mat, then welcome to our full library of workouts you can do anytime, anywhere to improve your fitness. Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers Pilates exercise ball (or stability ball) workouts, BOSU workouts, exercise band fitness videos and over 30 other mat based workouts, featuring techniques, workouts and exercises on the ball, barrel, foam roller, and much more! If you are a Pilates trainer or an avid studio-goer, then you will love the Pilates training and Pilates equipment workouts on the Pilates reformer. Pilates instructors can also use the videos to get new ideas for the classes and workouts they teach, as well as new techniques to program fabulous Pilates workouts for their clients.

Everyone loves the Pilates reformer for the total body fitness these workouts deliver. With Ultimate Pilates Workouts, you can view fun, challenging and invigorating Pilates Reformer Workouts, Cadillac workouts, or Chair workouts right from your computer or download the workouts to your computer or any mobile device. For directions on how to download to your iPad or iPhone through iTunes, click here. If you don’t have access to a Pilates reformer or other Pilates equipment, the exercise ball, or stability ball, can simulate the Pilates reformer and provide the instability you need to target the deep muscles of the core – and all you need is a mat! The site also provides comprehensive videos on the techniques related to Pilates such as breathing, pelvic placement and scapular placement. So grab your Pilates exercise ball and Pilates exercise mat and enjoy the best in Pilates training at