Pilates Reformer and Fitness Equipment

If you are looking for Pilates fitness equipment to add variety to your Pilates routines, then try our Pilates products and Pilates equipment for both mat and Cardiolates.  Our online Pilates DVDs feature many different Pilates products:  balls, exercise bands, foam rollers, mini body bars, Bosus and more!  Our Pilates equipment is designed to make some exercises more accessible, to make some exercises more challenging, and also to make some exercises more intense for the target muscle.  Our Pilates fitness equipment can prevent you and your clients from hitting that dreaded plateau effect:  when the Pilates workout that you’ve been doing for a while just doesn’t do the same thing anymore.  By incorporating new Pilates equipment and different Pilates products into your exercise program, you can confuse your muscles, forcing them to adapt to new and different stimuli.  For example, a small ball will connect you with your inner thighs and increase range of motion available to you in certain exercises.  A stability ball will force you to work your deep core muscles as a result of the unstable surface.  And an exercise band will simulate many of the exercises usually performed on a Pilates Reformer.  This muscle confusion translates to amazing results, all on your Pilates mat!

Pilates Reformer DVD Instruction

If you’re not sure of how to use a certain piece of Pilates fitness equipment, then simply watch some of the Pilates exercises that feature a particular Pilates product, and you’ll be informed.  Our free online Pilates videos feature the small ball, the stability ball, the exercise band, and more, while our CARDIOLATES® products feature top quality rebounders, hand weights and an exercise band specifically for CARDIOLATES® stretching.  If you’re “old fashioned”, we offer two Pilates DVDs:  “CARDIOLATES®” and “Pilates on the Go!”  In addition to our free online Pilates mat videos, we also offer online Pilates DVDs on Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Chair and Cadillac.  If you own Pilates fitness equipment such as the Stamina Reformer, the Malibu Pilates Chair, or any Pilates product from major Pilates Equipment Manufacturers such as Stott Pilates® or Balanced Body, we have online Pilates DVD on the site for you.