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Pilates Online Membership and Fitness Program


Join at the Deluxe level or above and gain access to a vast Pilates DVD online workout library, presenting nearly one hundred Mat Pilates workouts, Reformer Pilates workouts, and also Pilates workouts on the Cadillac, Chair and Barrels.  New for 2012, we are debuting Corps Physique Suspension/ Ring Training workouts to be done on the Suspension apparatus of your choice, as well as CoreAlign® workouts, Balanced Body's new amazing system.  Choose an online Pilates DVD that suits your unique needs, from a Mat Pilates workout as short as ten minutes to nearly one hour, or mix and match Reformer Pilates workouts with a Cadillac or Ladder Barrel workout to build your own Pilates workout.  Subscribers can select their online Pilates workout by equipment (such as Mat Pilates or Reformer Pilates), by level or by duration.  All subscription plans come with free downloads, so you can keep your favorite Pilates DVD with you on your ipad or smart phone.

Pilates Workouts, Fitness Program, Training Routines and More


The Ultimate Pilates Workouts Training Library was created to create a comprehensive online Pilates resource for the beginner Pilates student or the veteran Pilates instructor!  When a few Pilates exercises are all that need clarification, why sit and sift through an entire Pilates Training DVD.  Our online Pilates training library stores all Pilates exercises on all Pilates equipment as individual files, enabling the Pilates instructor to sort through them quickly pinpoint the Pilates exercise he/she wants to review easily and effortlessly.  The online Pilates training library currently features Pilates exercises on all equipment (Ladder Barrel coming July 1), and will soon feature Pilates Suspension and Ring Training files for the Pilates Instructor who is incorporating any type of suspension programming into their Pilates workouts.  For Ultimate members, access is granted not only to the online Pilates training library, but also to the online Pilates manuals as well.

Create a Pilates Workout is available for Pilates Instructors and Pilates enthusiasts!!  Create your own Mat Pilates DVD with our online Pilates workout builder!

Available at the Deluxe level and above, Create a Pilates Workout allows you to select your favorite Pilates exercises, then drag and drop them into your own unique playlist, so that you can create your own Mat Pilates DVD.  The Pilates enthusiasts can create an online Pilates workout for herself (or himself!!), and Pilates instructors can create a unique Mat Pilates DVD for their clients who travel frequently.  After all, who knows better what Pilates exercises to include (and what Pilates exerces NOT to include) in a Pilates workout for your clients than you do? Every Mat Pilates DVD you create will be stored in your online Pilates workout account.