The Best Cardio Pilates Online

Cardiovascular exercise, commonly referred to as aerobic exercise, can be fun, invigorating and easy on the joints with CARDIOLATES®!  Many people hate cardio whether running on a treadmill, using other fitness equipment like ellipticals or doing aerobics, but most know cardio is an essential part of a workout.  CARDIOLATES® makes cardio fun again by using a rebounder to put a bounce back into your workout regime!  Unlike other fitness equipment, the rebounder absorbs shock to the joints so you can benefit from cardiovascular exercise without jarring your knees, hips and ankles.  CARDIOLATES® integrates the alignment principles of Pilates with the physiological and cardiovascular benefits of rebounding, so you rebound in as close to optimal alignment as you can... Cardio Pilates!  Thus, in each workout, you are using your Pilates knowledge to engage the abdominal muscles and maintain better posture so that your aerobic exercise does not derail your Pilates results!  Cardio Pilates with CARDIOLATES® is a safe and effective fat-burning routine for overall fitness and heart health.
To keep it fun, CARDIOLATES® includes choreography similar to floor aerobics that can be done on the rebounder, but even the fancy choreography is not necessary to reap the cardiovascular exercise benefits.  If the choreography is too complex or your cardio capacity has been hit, then just bounce in place and you’ll still get excellent aerobic benefits.  Cardio Pilates with CARDIOLATES® is an invigorating and fun cardiovascular exercise routine to sculpt and tone your muscles and improve your fitness.  It is also safe for clients with various health conditions, but of course consult your medical professional before beginning any cardiovascular exercise regime.

Cardiolates is a Balanced Aerobic Workout

        CARDIOLATES® was developed by Katherine and Kimberly Corp, owners of New York's premier Pilates studio, Pilates on Fifth.  The two were searching for an invigorating, cardio aerobics workout they could do without the need for heavy, expensive fitness equipment. CARDIOLATES® provides the fat-burning and heart health benefits of any cardiovascular exercise, but is safe for special conditions and strengthens heart health safely and effective.  The Cardio Pilates routine of rebounding and CARDIOLATES® allows you to use all the muscles of the legs in all planes of motion, so the muscles of the body receive a more even, balanced workout than is typical of other fitness equipment.  You can sculpt and tone your abs, legs and buns just as effectively! Plus, it is fun and easy to start!  CARDIOLATES® can be done on any rebounder.  Rebounders now come in various sizes and price ranges, but beware of cheap rebounders... they will not last.  We have created CARDIOLATES® workout videos for both Needak and Bellicon rebounders!
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