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Programming for Results Workshop on February 17 at Pilates on Fifth, NYC!

The second annual Pilates Programming for Results Workshop was held at Pilates on Fifth in NYC on Wednesday, February 17.  We had a great group, all of whom are certified Pilates instructors interested in spicing up their routines.  As our NYC Pilates studio offers Pilates mat classes, Pilates Reformer & Chair Classes and well as private instruction in Pilates, we had a lively discussion about designing workouts for maximum effectiveness for each of these groups.

Pilates Reformer and Chair Class at Pilates on Fifth

August 2010 will mark the tenth anniversary of Pilates on Fifth, and over these ten years, Katherine & Kimberly have learned that programming successfully is the key not only to the clients’ progress, but to client retention as well.  It’s the delicate balance of the clients’ needs vs. their wants, the art of testing the threshold of their abilities without pushing too far, combined with the talent of making the workout both fun and effective at the same time.  We talked about how the different pieces of Pilates equipment relate to each other in terms of strength, coordination, stability and body awareness required, and we also highlighted the different attributes of each.

Danielle Russo, certified Pilates Instructor and Artistic Director of The Danielle Russo Dance Company, had the following to say about the workshop:

“Programming for Results pulls together everything you’ve gained as an Instructor with PAI, and applies it to the reality of client retention. With today’s reality of personal fitness and finance, it’s even more important to understand how to approach the field not only as an intelligent instructor, but as a business-person. You want to give your client a safe, smart and beneficial workout, and you want them to come back for more! This course helps you create a fitness program that will both foster healthful improvement for your client, as well as a loyal instructor-client network.”

Because of the fabulous reception, we will be holding another Programming for Results workshop on April 9, 2010.  Contact chie@pilatesonfifth.com for more information!

Tuesday, March 20th 2012

ActivCore® Fast Track Basic and Intermediate Courses at Pilates on Fifth

Kimberly and Katherine Corp taught 4 intensive days of ActivCore® training to Pilates professionals, PT’s and GYROTONIC® instructors from Pilates on Fifth in NYC, from Brooklyn, and from Toronto, Canada. This fast track course was structured with the ActviCore FEX® Basic course on days 1 & 2, followed by the ActivCore FEX® intermediate course 5 days later. Thus, students could complete the required Basic course plus the 25 practice hours before moving on to Intermediate.

Toni Mercogliano doing "Pec Flies" on ActivCore®

The second weekend, the Intermediate FEX course, commenced with learning the EXTREME exercises.  Sound daunting?  Well it is!!!  These exercises take the ActivCore® exercises from the Basic Course, and take them to the next level.  This provided the immediate opportunity to introduce the most unique feature of the Redcord Equipment, the bungees!  Participants were able to experience the magic of weightlessness, even with the most difficult of exercises.  It’s really not magic, but the feeling is so incredible that it almost feels as such!  For example, take the exercise below, the Side Plank.  This exercise is VERY challenging, requiring a great deal of strength in both the abductor of the bottom leg, the obliques, and the shoulder girdle stabilizers.  For many people, this would call for too much strength, which is why the ActivCore FEX® Intermediate series teaches how to place a sling around the pelvis to take the offweight the body.  

Voila!  A previously insurmountable exercise is do-able!!  Toni Mercogliani, owner of Toni PT and Pilates, loved the offweighting techniques because of the easy crossover and application with her Physical Therapy clients.  She also loved the upper body exercises, as shown!

Kurt Gorrell from Pilates on Fifth doing "Side Plank"

The final day of the fast track course ended with a written exam as well as a practical review of all the material covered in both courses.  Here are some pictures of the exercises covered!




Tuesday, March 20th 2012

Become a Pilates Instructor


Become a Pilates Instructor and learn to teach Pilates exercises correctly and effectively through our Pilates Teacher Training program

The students of our Pilates teacher training program, The Pilates Academy International, find that once they become a Pilates instructor, teaching Pilates exercises is incredibly personally rewarding. Good teachers derive deep satisfaction from helping their clients, and from seeing the lifestyle changes Pilates and well chosen Pilates exercises help their clients to achieve. Our Pilates teacher training program emphasizes that when you become a Pilates instructor, the reward comes with the “micro changes”. Seemingly small physical improvements like improved posture have a dramatic impact on our clients' lives. By giving ordinary men and women the gifts of better posture, better muscle tone and flexibility, increased range of motion, or a lessening of chronic pain, you are giving them more joyous and possibly even longer lives.

Teaching Pilates and Pilates exercises also has great rewards for the instructors themselves. When you become a Pilates instructor, you'll have a highly specialized skill that is greatly in demand. The demand for well-trained Pilates instructors with a thorough understanding of anatomy and biomechanics is growing quickly. The Pilates Academy International, our Pilates teacher training program, knows that this is a skill you can travel with, and we know that our program is nationally recognized throughout the US and overseas as well. When you become a Pilates instructor trained by our Pilates teacher training program, you can move from New York to Chicago or Seattle to Florida, feeling confident that you'll be able to find work teaching Pilates and Pilates exercises wherever you go.

Learn how to teach Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates to the Pilates beginner or advanced practitioner

When you become a Pilates instructor, you also ensure yourself an exciting job outside of the confines of an office. The Pilates Academy International will teach you how to teach Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates and Pilates workouts for all shapes, sizes and abilities, even the Pilates beginner. You may be a dancer in transition, a fitness teacher looking to learn a specialized skill, or a Jack of All Trades looking to settle into a more stable, more rewarding lifestyle. Our Pilates teacher training program is constructed you’re your time and budget in mind. If you just want to learn how to teach Mat Pilates, you can take a course just for that. If you’ve always wanted to learn Reformer Pilates, you can take that course, or on any individual piece of Pilates equipment. Whatever your history, becoming a certified Pilates instructor will allow you to work with people, from the Pilates beginner to the advanced Pilates practioner, and make movement an integral part of your lifestyle. If this sounds like an ideal career, you may want to study with us at the Pilates Academy International. The Pilates Academy International is part of the renowned Pilates studio, Pilates on Fifth. Here you will learn Pilates equipment, including Reformer Pilates, as well as the Cadillac, Chair and Barrels… and of course Mat Pilates. You'll learn to teach Pilates to the Pilates beginner, or people with injuries and specific health conditions. To learn more, call us at call 212-687-3787, or email us at training@pilatesonfifth.com.

Tuesday, March 20th 2012

Pilates Classes, New York City Pilates Teacher Training Programs and Pilates Workouts Online

Pilates Classes, New York City Pilates Teacher Training Programs and Pilates Workouts Online

At Pilates on Fifth, we take the system of Pilates very seriously. We love to have fun--and we make sure our clients always have an inspiring, enjoyable time in their Pilates classes--but we also deeply respect the power of Pilates. When taught correctly, Pilates can transform lives.

As teachers, we have seen our clients blossom because of their Pilates workouts. Most of our clients are ordinary, professional people with normal bodies. When they first come to us, they may have difficulty with some of the simple or repetitive motions of daily life. They may have trouble lifting their grandchildren without lower back pain. They may suffer constant stiffness in their shoulders or necks, or endure a very limited range of motion. With our extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, Pilates equipment, and Pilates Mat exercises, we teach our students to design Pilates workouts which help free their future clients from this chronic pain or discomfort. Teaching Pilates classes and Pilates privates truly is incredibly rewarding.

If you're as serious about learning Pilates instruction as we are about teaching Pilates classes, you may wish to enroll in our New York City Pilates teacher training program. The training program at Pilates on Fifth, the Pilates Academy International, is one of the leading Pilates teacher training programs in the country. Our graduates are highly skilled at teaching Pilates

To study with us, you'll need experience in teaching some form of movement or fitness. You'll also need two letters of recommendation. To learn more about the New York CIty Pilates teacher training program, the Pilates Academy International, call us at 212-687-3787 or email us at training@pilatesonfifth.com

Can't make it to Manhattan for our New York City Pilates teacher training? Then find a PAI Satellite or Hosting Center near you, or visit our online Pilates DVD website, www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com for a full range of Pilates workoutsonline!

Monday, March 19th 2012