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At Pilates on Fifth, we are HUGE advocates of the ActivMotion Bar (for a number of reasons). Below you will find some insightful Q and A with Katherine and Kimberly Corp.

How would you describe the ActivMotion Bar? What does it do?

The ActivMotion Bar turns a traditional Body Bar into a whole new workout experience.  Inside each bar are ball bearings that roll from one side to the other as you perform exercises, thus increasing muscle activation, proprioception and caloric expenditure.

The ActivMotion Bars

What are some benefits of the ActivMotion Bar?

ActivMotion training is designed to improve balance, core stabilization and strength, and overall force production of muscles.  Compared with other fitness modalities, so many more senses are utilized and trained with the ActivMotion Bar, which is EXCELLENT for overall functional training!  Actually, "functional training" is often used and probably misunderstood.  The point of functional training is that it helps you FUNCTION in your day to day activities, recreational sports or even elite sports.  The ActivMotion Bar adds MOMENTUM to a fitness protocol...and think about it, we ALL have to deal with momentum on a daily basis:  whether you're picking up a squirming toddler, sprinting across the street then stopping suddenly once you get to the sidewalk, lunging to one side or the other to return your opponent's formidable name it...

How does the ActivMotion Bar benefit/impact Pilates?

Pilates is all about CONTROL, but, let's face it, there are times in life where we have to grapple with our body weight (or someone else's...not just squirming toddler, think ballroom dancing or even partnering for professional dancers...tackling someoneor trying not to be tackledin football...).  The ActivMotion Bar complements Pilates beautifully because it presents (introduces) the element of momentum in a very CONTROLLED fashion.  That, coupled with the increased muscle activation and balance challenges, makes it ideal for Pilates.

How has the ActivMotion Bar impacted Pilates on Fifth in particular?

Our clients love it.  Attached is a picture of our "Golden Pilates" class, taught by our very own "golden" girl, Ellen Fluhr.  She has found that the ActivMotion Bar is great for people in their golden years to help with both static and dynamic balance.  We also have incorporated the ActivMotion Bar into our "Barres & Belles" group classes for a dynamic challenge in that class as well.  We both happen to train a lot of male clients, and the men especially love it!

Golden Pilates Class

Golden Pilates Class

Why would you recommend the ActivMotion Bar to other fitness enthusiasts?

Without hesitation, YES!  We are introduced to fitness products on a fairly regular basis, and there are VERY few that we adopt whole-heartedly.  The ActivMotion Bar was a no brainer.  After picking it up once and just doing a few exercises, we knew immediately that the benefits would be grand.  In fact, after our 2 day master training course in Detroit, we both felt so energized and strong.  In particular, all the muscles around our shoulders...the smaller, important stabilizing muscles were completely activated...our posture was PHENOMENAL.   To anyone who is not sure, we think that the minute they pick a bar up, they will be converted!

For what exercises in particular would you recommend using the ActivMotion Bar?

Two of our favorites from the ActivMotion training are the Single Leg Dead Lift and the Forward and Reverse Lunges.  The Single Leg Dead Lift is AMAZING for balance, and the Forward and Reverse Lunges are great for both balance and core strength.  With Pilates, we love adding the ActivMotion Bar to our Obliques Roll Back... intensifies the exercise and adds a challenge in just the right way!  We also have used the ActivMotion Bar with the traditional Teaser, which makes some elements easier and some harder.

Single Leg Dead Lift

Single Leg Dead Lift

Forward Lunge

Reverse Lunge

Obliques Roll Back

Obliques Teaser

What are the three benefits of the ActivMotion Bar and why?

1.     Improve balance

2.     Improve core stabilization and strength

3.     Increase muscle activation which means more bang for your buck.  (the buck here being time)

ActivMotion Bar Training at Pilates on Fifth July 29th, 1:30-5:30!

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