The pelvic floor is commonly cued in Pilates classes. One way to think about the pelvic floor is “a web of interrelated muscles, tendons and ligaments that form a supportive hammock at the base of the pelvic bowl.” It can be tricky for Pilates practitioners to activate this area at first, but it’s essential for building overall core strength. FitDay reports that weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to further back or abdominal pain. It’s particularly important to regain strength in this area after pregnancy. Check out our new Pilates workouts for the pelvic floor below!

Mat Workout for the Pelvic Floor

Whether you are recovering from pregnancy or just trying to augment core strength, this pelvic floor workout will teach you how to establish a pelvic floor connection and keep it engaged throughout a workout. This workout takes you through different spinal movements and simple yet effective exercises for the abdominal muscles and the torso. The pelvic floor muscles are cued continuously throughout so that the activation stays constant throughout the workout. We definitely recommend starting with this workout before moving on to the Body Bar and the BoSU pelvic floor workouts.

Body Bar Workout for the Pelvic Floor

After starting with the Mat Workout for the Pelvic Floor you can integrate more lower body movement and resistance while still focusing on the constant engagement of the pelvic floor. In this workout, movements are kept relatively simple and repetitions low so that the pelvic floor remains the focus throughout.

BoSu Workout for the Pelvic Floor

Adding instability to a workout makes activation the muscles of the pelvic floor even more important! In this workout we utilize the unique attributes of the BoSu to fortify the body’s connection with the pelvic floor muscles.

Our two cents worth:

OF COURSE it’s in our “repertoire” to cue pelvic floor muscles when we teach, but after doing these three workouts and fully concentrating on the muscles of the pelvic floor throughout, we were AMAZED about a few things:

How EXHAUSTED we were!
How FLAT FLAT FLAT our tummies were once we were finished...
How sore we were the next day... 
How the effects of the flatness carried on to the next days too!

So, with all that in mind, regardless of level, any of these three workouts should be a staple in the Pilates enthusiast’s workout regimen.  We will probably do 1-2 every month, knowing that we will take the new connection with us to all the workouts that we do.