Want to see the benefits of Pilates in action?!?!  Come and see Katherine & Kimberly Corp performing with their fellow former Rockettes, The Legacy Dancers, this weekend in NYC!

As many of you know, many moons ago, we danced on the great stage at Radio City Music Hall with our fellow Radio City Rockettes.  Just one year after that, we launched our Pilates enterprise, Pilates on Fifth.  Flash forward another 13 years, and.....WOW!   We realized that we had lost the joy of movement that had originally driven us to found Pilates in the first place:  DANCING!
So we knew we had to start dancing again....

Enter former Rockette Mary Six Rupert and her concept for “The Legacy Dancers:  A Line of former Rockettes”.  Mary Six Rupert was a Rockette for over 13 years and served as dance captain for many of those years.  Additionally, she danced with one of the world renowned Nicholas Brothers, Harold Nicholas, and the London Palladium.  Mary Six Rupert is a true artist!  On top of all of this, she is a professor of dance at Wagner University and you will get to see her students! 
We started dancing with her company, The Legacy Dancers, in 2013, and not only has this choice completely revived our joy of dancing and movement in general, but it has also helped inform our Pilates practice as well (more on that in another blog!  ;)  ;)  )  
In this show, women will tell their journey to becoming a Rockette, so it will be wonderful on so many levels.  We are excited to be telling our story, as ours is unique in the fact that we were corporate women BEFORE we became professional dancers, and our duet reflects this!  We hope you will enjoy it!

The Legacy Dancers perform two shows on Saturday, June 25th… see flyer below!  The show is “Legacy on the Line:  The Road to Becoming a Rockette".  The Legacy Dancers perform four numbers, yours truly (K&K!) perform a lively duet, and Mary Six Rupert reprises her performance with Harold Nicholas at the London Palladium with Tomlee Abraham.  Additionally, as Mary Six Rupert is a phenomenal teacher, Mary Six's students -- both young and old -- will perform!

Tickets can be purchased at www.theziegfeldsociety.com or you can call 917-371-5509. You can also purchase tickets at the Theater on the day of the show.

We hope to see you there!

For more information about the Legacy Dancers, visit www.legacy36.com!