At Pilates on Fifth we always wear socks for our workouts – but now there’s a more supportive alternative, thanks to Bloch. The Australian dancewear company has created a shoe built specifically for Pilates practitioners. Katherine and Kimberly’s feet were used to model them!

Bloch says, “This slip-on style offers the hygienic protection and support for real stability with optimal performance. A durable, long-lasting, and innovative fabric adheres to the foot. Graduated lines positioned on either side of the foot, promote stretch and recovery - moving with you through each step.” There are two styles – one with the toes exposed and one without. They come in pink, blue, grey, and black and white.

Unlike socks, they provide traction and support with the same flexibility. They are perfect for work on the Pilates equipment as well as for barre classes. Plus, they’re comfortable. As Bloch notes on their website, the shoes with the exposed toes provides a "Feel the Floor" freedom with a 5-hole design.


“Our feet felt AMAZING after wearing them for over 10 hours for a training,” says Katherine.


Bloch has a history of making quality shoes for dance and it’s only fitting that they expand to the fitness market as ballet-inspired workouts grow in popularity. Only Nike makes a product similar. Buy your pair online here.