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New York City Pilates Trainers

Our New York City Pilates trainers are absolutely amazing. We think the Pilates trainers who work at Pilates on Fifth are the best in the business. The New York Post calls our instructors "patient and inspiring . . . With the variety of exercises, one never gets bored and the instructors choose exercises to challenge clients without strain." The New York Resident notes that our instructors "are fully certified on all the equipment and are dedicated to helping every client from the couch potato to the seasoned athlete."

Pilates on Fifth owners Katherine and Kimberly Corp are extremely picky when it comes to hiring instructors. Their 25-plus Pilates trainers all meet the highest criteria. First, each of our New York City Pilates trainers is a Pilates expert, extremely knowledgeable in both biomechanics and anatomy. Next, each of our Pilates trainers has the right personality for teaching.

Personality is crucial in any fitness instructor, but it is particularly important with Pilates, BOSU®, CARDIOLATES®, and GYROTONIC® trainers. Our trainers are all great motivators. They know how to get their clients working energetically yet safely for the duration of a session or class.

From the moment your session or class begins to the moment it ends, we want you to completely concentrate and give your all. Only by giving your personal best can you enjoy the best possible workout. Our instructors will motivate you to work to your fullest capacity, no matter how demanding or stressful your day has been.

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Wednesday, April 11th 2012

New York City Pilates Training

One of the things clients have always liked best about Pilates on Fifth is its beautiful setting. Since the Pilates Academy International has its headquarters at Pilates on Fifth, our certification students can enjoy the same spacious, sun-filled studio that our clients enjoy. Our facility is more than 5,500 square feet, located in the penthouse of an historic building in Manhattan.

Here, 22 stories above the hustle and bustle of 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, certification students and clients alike pursue their goals. Both clients and certification students appreciate how much top-notch equipment we have; since certain pieces of equipment are set aside specifically for certification students, you'll never have to worry about a client interrupting your lesson by taking over a piece of equipment.

We have 10 Reformers (two with Tower Attachments), six Chairs, four Cadillacs, six Arc Barrels, three Spine Correctors, and three Ladder Barrels. We also have Ellipticals and treadmills. All of our equipment is the highest quality. Certification students who are enrolled in our Mat certification classes will appreciate our wealth of small props and equipment, from BOSUs® to elastic bands.

We even have beautiful dressing rooms with gorgeous, new, white tile showers. For our clients, Pilates on Fifth is an oasis where they can devote time to themselves, challenging and then pampering their bodies. For our certification students, the Pilates Academy International is a welcoming place to study, strive, and learn.

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Wednesday, April 11th 2012

New York City Pilates Instructor Training

While living in England, a German man named Joseph Pilates developed a rehabilitative system known as "The Art of Contrology" during the years of World War One. Contrology consisted of a series of very precise exercises, performed on large pieces of equipment, for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers. Many of these soldiers were bed-ridden; in fact, the design of the Cadillac (an important piece of Pilates equipment) is based on an old hospital bed.

Over the years, Contrology became known as Pilates, and its primary practitioners became dancers, not soldiers. Dancers like Martha Graham and George Balanchine used Pilates to help improve their technique while protecting them from injuries. To this day, professional dancers the world over use Pilates to keep the strong, supple, and injury-free.

Today, Pilates is enjoying unprecedented popularity. For a system that is nearly 100-years old, it's become surprisingly and belatedly trendy. Clients turn to Pilates for many reasons. They love that it works on the body's core--after all, who doesn't want a flatter, stronger abdomen and healthier lower back?

Pilates is also very popular because it challenges clients without putting any strain on them. As we age, most of us pick up injuries of one kind or another. Exercise often exacerbates these injuries. Pilates is that rare form of exercise that protects clients while simultaneously pushing them to their limits. At the Pilates Academy International, you can receive instructor training on all types of equipment, including the Cadillac. The more you know about Pilates' rich history and its basis in equipment technique, the better a teacher you'll be.

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Piyolet Announces the Release of Fitness DVD "Piyolet by Roslyn ...
PR.com (press release), NY

Summer means theater to kids, too
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Tuesday, April 10th 2012

Digital Demonstration - The latest in Pilates Instructor Training

To become a Pilates instructor, you need dedication, knowledge of the body and a desire to help others. Katherine and Kimberly Corp are internationally admired for their dedicated contributions to Pilates instructor training curriculums fostering high quality, competent and confident teachers. As founders and directors of the Pilates Academy International (PAI), their persistent role in the field of sports medicine and exercise management has influenced the contemporary wave of Pilates education both stateside and abroad. Affixed to PAI and its headquarters in New York City’s esteemed private training center, Pilates on Fifth, the Corp sisters launched iTune’s No. 1 fitness podcast followed by the internet’s leading Pilates mp3 and DVD website, Ultimate Pilates Workouts.com. What’s next? PAI is excited to announce the inclusion of its multimedia instructor training manuals. You guessed it! The comprehensive Pilates certification handbooks have gone digital and linked up with the Ultimate Pilates Workouts.com to offer upcoming Pilates instructors and continuing education courses demonstrational videos with detailed cueing, execution, modifications and safety awareness.

PAI believes a great Pilates instructor must have three essential skills: a solid understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and postural issues; a strong command of the exercise repertoire – including modifications for all levels of fitness; and the ability to inspire and motivate clients. Any one or two skills alone fail to provide the client with the best instruction they could receive and prevent the client from reaping all the benefits Pilates has to offer. Starting in 2012, Pilates instructors in training will be eligible to purchase the digital manuals emphasizing the following attributes:

•       Fundamental execution of each exercise
•       Anatomy and biomechanics of each exercise
•       Exercise modification skills
•       Cueing and correcting skills
•       Workout design skills
•       Transition skills
•       Progression skills

While highlighting the proper execution of the Pilates repertoire, PAI teaches its students to focus on the unique needs of each individual client. As each client has a different life history, different movement habits and different limitations, s/he may not ever be able
to achieve the “proper execution” of an exercise. Thus, the combination of literature and visual example aids in coaching students to analyze and assess a variety of conditions – from the simple to the complex. The additive of modifications preserve the intended goal of the exercises, yet make them accessible to all ages, body types, and fitness levels. As clients embark on their journeys to discover healthier movement patterns and find more freedom in their bodies, PAI students are prepared to help them enjoy meeting their unique fitness
goals with Pilates.

To be continued…

Wednesday, March 21st 2012

Pilates Classes, New York City Pilates Teacher Training Programs and Pilates Workouts Online

Pilates Classes, New York City Pilates Teacher Training Programs and Pilates Workouts Online

At Pilates on Fifth, we take the system of Pilates very seriously. We love to have fun--and we make sure our clients always have an inspiring, enjoyable time in their Pilates classes--but we also deeply respect the power of Pilates. When taught correctly, Pilates can transform lives.

As teachers, we have seen our clients blossom because of their Pilates workouts. Most of our clients are ordinary, professional people with normal bodies. When they first come to us, they may have difficulty with some of the simple or repetitive motions of daily life. They may have trouble lifting their grandchildren without lower back pain. They may suffer constant stiffness in their shoulders or necks, or endure a very limited range of motion. With our extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, Pilates equipment, and Pilates Mat exercises, we teach our students to design Pilates workouts which help free their future clients from this chronic pain or discomfort. Teaching Pilates classes and Pilates privates truly is incredibly rewarding.

If you're as serious about learning Pilates instruction as we are about teaching Pilates classes, you may wish to enroll in our New York City Pilates teacher training program. The training program at Pilates on Fifth, the Pilates Academy International, is one of the leading Pilates teacher training programs in the country. Our graduates are highly skilled at teaching Pilates

To study with us, you'll need experience in teaching some form of movement or fitness. You'll also need two letters of recommendation. To learn more about the New York CIty Pilates teacher training program, the Pilates Academy International, call us at 212-687-3787 or email us at training@pilatesonfifth.com

Can't make it to Manhattan for our New York City Pilates teacher training? Then find a PAI Satellite or Hosting Center near you, or visit our online Pilates DVD website, www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com for a full range of Pilates workoutsonline!

Monday, March 19th 2012