The Many Benefits of Pilates

The media has touted the benefits of Pilates for decades, and with our free Pilates videos, you are sure to reap those benefits with safe exercises that will trim your waistline. Looking for free Pilates workout videos online for your at home Pilates Mat, Reformer and Chair equipment? Check out today’s leading online Pilates resource: Ultimate Pilates! Creators Katherine and Kimberly Corp have compiled a collection of Pilates instructional videos accessible to all levels. Jumpstart your Pilates training with their Pilates safety and technique videos. Taught with precision, these Pilates videos establish the fundamentals of the Pilates method. With this understanding, members can progress to add challenge their fitness regime with a series of high-intensity, but anatomically aware Pilates conditioning videos. Pilates masterfully sculpts beautiful arms, tones long, lean legs, tightens and lifts the buttocks, and masterfully shapes the muscles of the back. When speaking of the core, we only mention core strength, but when speaking of the muscles of the arms, legs, shoulders and back, both strength and flexibility are important. In fact, it is this balance of strength and flexibility that not only creates the look of long, lean, sculpted muscles of the Pilates body, but also produces muscles that are simultaneously supple, strong and resilient.

        Pilates Benefits For Fitness, Flexibility and Strength Training

The Pilates method offers a myriad of exercises that will help strengthen the core, the abdominal muscles and the muscles around the shoulder girdle to make neck tension and shoulder pain a thing of the past. Lack of core strength can lead to postural problems, specifically a rounded back and a forward head. This posture in particular creates a significant imbalance in the muscles of the shoulder and neck. Pilates exercises on the Cadillac and Reformer can both strengthen stabilizing muscles and restore the necessary length to reinforce a proper alignment that you can carry with you throughout your day.