From CIA analysts to Radio City Rockettes to Pilates instructors and studio owners, identical twins Katherine and Kimberly Corp merged their diverse backgrounds to evolve into top notch Pilates professionals who thrive at teaching others how to do Pilates. The two opened their Manhattan studio, Pilates on Fifth, in August of 2000 with the goal of sharing the benefits of Pilates workouts with fitness-oriented New Yorkers.  


After initially certifying with Stott Pilates and serving as instructor trainers for the company for five years, Katherine and Kimberly founded the Pilates on Fifth Academy International (PAI) to provide training for Pilates instructors. Pilates enthusiasts from across the globe with a desire to learn how to do Pilates seek out the Pilates Academy International so that they can be the best Pilates trainer they can be. 
Kimberly and Katherine strongly believe that HOW you teach is just as important as WHAT you teach, and their training program and Pilates online videos reflect this.  Pilates is not about "perfection", it is about ensuring that Pilates exercises are working FOR you and are perfect for YOU.  Katherine and Kimberly hope that this philosophy is passed on to all PAI graduates, not only at the NYC Headquarters but also at all PAI Satellite centers worldwide.  It's about ENJOYING THE JOURNEY!
With that in mind, the twins' journey has included incorporating additional Mind/Body modalities into both their personal practice as well as their studio.  Pilates on Fifth now features, in addition to Pilates, CARDIOLATES®, a rebounding and total body at-home exercise program which combines the physiological and cardiovascular benefits of rebounding with the alignment principles of Pilates, CoreAlign®, Barre Workouts (including Barres & Belles!), as well as Supension workouts.  The pair is continually inspired to create more online Pilates classes, CoreAlign® classes, CARDIOLATES® rebounding as well as CARDIOLATES® Barre Workouts to further increase balance and flexibility, as well as sculpt and tone beautifully long, lean muscles.
Katherine and Kimberly are both certified with and Continuing Education providers for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), American Council on Exercise (ACE), and National Academy for Sports Medicine (NASM).

From Katherine and Kimberly

We created UPW with one goal:  to create an anywhere, anytime Pilates Workouts Online resources for people like us who simply needed access to an affordable workout (or even a hundred) to do for their at-home exercise routine. We know the Pilates system works! We have made sure that will provide you with all the workouts and information you need to achieve your goals!  We highly recommend trying different small props and varying your workout routines so that neither you nor your body get bored.
We discovered Pilates when we got back into dancing after working for four years in corporate Japan. Though we danced and performed in musical theater through high school and college, we graduated from Duke University in just three years and put dancing aside to move to Japan to pursue careers in international business. Fast forward four years after sitting at desks in Japan and two years in graduate school at Columbia University and our once flexible bodies were TIGHT! Sure, we had "stayed fit" by running, walking, aerobics and occasional dance classes, but the combination of exercising in the morning and sitting all day at a desk does NOT a flexible, happy body make!  We had not only lost flexibility!  We had also lost strength, balance, muscle tone, and even mental focus.
When we decided to dance again, we were STUNNED by the changes in our bodies - we almost felt like they weren’t ours! Not only had we lost flexibility in muscles and joints, but also we noticed definite changes in our posture. We had lost body awareness, some coordination and just general fluidity of movement. We had a steep hill to climb!
Practicing Pilates and doing our Pilates workouts diligently enabled us to climb this hill and regain our "pre-desk" bodies! By applying proper Pilates technique patiently and diligently to every exercise, we slowly but surely got our flexibility, posture and body awareness back! Believe it or not, we did an at-home Pilates mat routine every morning with our favorite Pilates videos (there were no online Pilates classes on the web then!) The affordable, professional instruction we received enabled us not only to strengthen our abs, but also to sculpt our bodies back into tip top shape. Soon after, we danced as Radio City Rockettes, performed in a world tour with an internationally renowned magician and danced in two feature films. Pilates changed our life, and it can change yours too!