Pilates Training Programs


To become a Pilates instructor, you need dedication, knowledge of the body and a desire to help others, so choose the right Pilates certification to be the best Pilates instructor you can be.  At the Pilates on Fifth Academy International, we believe that Pilates training programs begin with a strong foundation in anatomy and biomechanics.  That's why the Pilates teachers we produce are capable of designing fitness training programs for all ages, lifestyles, and fitness levels.  Our intensive Pilates training programs are designed for potential instructors who are already certified personal trainers, Pilates enthusiasts who want to take their fitness training to the next level, or dancers or athletes using Pilates certification to become a Pilates instructor as a career transition, or even simply improve their technique.  To date, the Pilates on Fifth Academy International, the official Pilates Instructor Training Program of Pilates on Fifth, has certified Pilates instructors across the globe who are sought after for their firm base of knowledge and high quality Pilates instruction they are able to deliver after successful completion of their Pilates training programs.  PAI Pilates Instructors are competent, confident and well-equipped to teach Pilates and develop Pilates training programs for all populations.  To learn more about Pilates certification or for more information on how to become a Pilates instructor, visit the official website of Pilates on Fifth's Pilates Instructor Training program, the Pilates on Fifth Academy International.

Pilates Certification and Instructor Training Courses

Whether you are a certified personal trainer or have already attained your Pilates certification, you can easily augment your fitness training with continuing education Pilates workshops and Pilates Instructor Training courses created by the Pilates Academy International.  We offer over 20 workshops at the Pilates Academy International headquarters in New York City, as well as at our numerous Satellite Centers across the US and internationally.  Our Pilates workshops for continuing education feature Pilates instructor training not only with new mat Pilates exercises, but also Pilates instruction on the Pilates Exercise Ball, BOSU, Pilates Foam Roller, Pilates Exercise Band and more.  It's easy for Pilates enthusiasts to begin to become a Pilates instructor or current Pilates instructors to complete continuing education credits to maintain Pilates certification with the wide variety of workshops that PAI offers.

Do you love Pilates? Are you ready to take the next step and make a positive difference in someone else’s life?

Then become a Pilates instructor! Our established certification program The Pilates Academy International (PAI) provides comprehensive, professional instruction in Anatomy, Biomechanics & Posture Analysis and the full Pilates level 1 and level 2 repertoire including Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. The PAI also provides continuing education workshops year-round, presenting new exercises, Pilates for specific sports, pre-natal/post-partum and other specialized topics.  Plus, with our full library of online Pilates workouts, each student across the globe can enjoy virtual access to Pilates pros Katherine & Kimberly Corp 24/7!

Since its beginnings in 2006, Pilates Academy International has certified over 400 instructors worldwide. With 13 domestic centers and 7 international centers, finding a PAI certification program near you is easy!

PAI certified instructors are competent, confident and ready to program for clients of all ages and fitness levels.Click here for more detailed information on the Pilates Academy International courses or to download an application.