Ultimate Pilates Workouts for PAI Students


Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1.     Create a BASIC UltimatePilatesWorkouts.com account

2.     Give your Teacher Trainer and/or Course Administrator the email associated with your account

3.     PAI Headquarters will upgrade your account to a student Ultimate account




1.     CREATE a BASIC UltimatePilatesWorkouts.com account

Click on Subscription Options on the left menu bar

Select BASIC membership to initially set up your account!


Follow the directions to create all of your login details

First Name
Last Name
Email Address




    SPINE TWIST ON THE BOSU                      CADILLAC:  10 MIN ABS & CORE                      SSS:  LEAN, LITHE LEGS


2.  Give your Teacher Trainer and/or Course Administrator your USERNAME and Email address associated with your account

Keep your login and password info safe and on hand! 

3.  PAI HQ will upgrade your account to ULTIMATE within 5 business days!  

  Upgrades are normally processed on Fridays and Saturdays, so the Monday AFTER we receive the information from your training center, you will be all set with your new membership!

You will have to log out and log back in
for the upgrade to take effect!



ACCESS THE UPW Pilates Video WORKOUT LIBRARY featuring streaming online Pilates workouts for enjoying Pilates at home and on the go. (After the free trial, this feature is available to Deluxe members and above.)


Click on WORKOUT VIDEOS on the top purple menu bar

Choose the type of workout you would like to do from the list at the left

Select the Level of your Pilates Workout Video

Select the Duration of your Workout (Run time will appear in the description)

Hit PLAY and enjoy!


When you join UPW you will have a professional instructor for your Pilates at home practice! Each Pilates workout video can be accessed FREE 24/7... that’s a comprehensive at home fitness library of over 200 mini and full-length Pilates online workouts. And don’t forget!  We have yoga, ball, barre and more! 



Deluxe, Premium, or Ultimate Members are able to take advantage of our unique ‘Create a Workout’ interactive feature, but with your trial membership, you can use it too.  This feature allows you to quickly and simply create your own customized Pilates workout video… a unique Pilates playlist.  Just drag, drop, and create!  (After the free trial, this feature is available to Deluxe members and above.)

Select CREATE YOUR OWN WORKOUT from the purple menu bar

Then, select the exercise category.  Exercises can be sorted by body part so you choose the area you want to strengthen, tone or sculpt!

Drag and drop the exercises that you want to do in your own Pilates Video into the purple box on the right

You can rearrange the exercises at any time

Name your Pilates video and write a description

Once you think you’ve made a great Pilates workout video, just hit CREATE!

Your unique video will automatically appear on your "My Workouts" page of your account



With our detailed how-to Pilates instructional videos, you never have to worry about doing each and every Pilates exercise correctly!  Receive professional Pilates instruction at home!  The TECHNIQUE instruction videos are ALWAYS available to ALL members, from BASIC to ULTIMATE.  Doing Pilates properly is key for the health of your spine! (After the free trial, this feature is available at the Premier level and above.  Access to online Pilates manuals is exclusive to ULTIMATE subscribers)

Select EDUCATION VIDEOS from the purple menu tab

Select which type of training you would like to view.

As you can see, if you select TECHNIQUE, then you can choose an area of the body on which to focus. 

If you choose, MAT, then from there you can sort by LEVEL to find the right exercise.


For the Mat Warm ups, find them in the WORKOUT LIBRARY in the Pilates Mat Warm Ups Category.

In the EQUIPMENT section, you are first able to choose the piece of Pilates equipment on which you would like to learn an exercise.

After that, you can sort by LEVEL. With a few exceptions, exercises are listed in alphabetical order.

For every Pilates video on each exercise, there is an ONLINE MANUAL that corresponds to the video and the exercise Once you select the exercise you would like to learn, click on MANUAL for the manual to appear.





If you find an online Pilates routine that features a Pilates apparatus that you don't have yet, just visit our online Pilates store so that you can purchase the Pilates you need.


Click SHOP at the top of the page


First and foremost, you’ll notice that each and every Pilates video is available for download a la carte. 

Even if you decide not to become a member, you can still download Pilates workout videos from the SHOP page!


You can also download Pilates education videos


You can purchase hard copies of bound Pilates education manuals from our training program, Pilates Academy International.


You can purchase small Pilates equipment to enhance your Pilates practice.  Click EQUIPMENT and then select your category on the left.

Note!  Stretch Bands and Small Balls are less than $10 and GREATLY enhance your Pilates workouts!


If you love CARDIOLATES® like we do, you can download music, purchase a DVD or CD, or even purchase one of our rebounder bundles.






AND FINALLY, managing your account is easy!

Click MANAGE MY ACCOUNT at the far right of the purple menu bar


Your welcome page will appear, and you will be able to immediately see the number of downloads remaining in your account as well as the account status and expiration date.


NOTE!!  Ultimate members will not see a number since the downloads are unlimited.

Select “My Profile” to check your membership status, your expiration date, or change your password

NOTE!  Hit "Update" for the changes to take effect!


You can UPGRADE/Change your Membership status as well


You can also Cancel your Subscription from your “My Profile” page


The “My Workouts” Tab on the menu bar will take you to any workout that you created


The “My Videos” Tab will take you to any Pilates video you’ve downloaded.  You’ll notice that once you’ve downloaded it, you can download it again.  It stays in your account.


By clicking “My Digital Products”, you will see the pdf files or music that you’ve downloaded, if any


“My Purchase History” will remind you of the date of any product, download, or subscription purchase


And finally, you can LOGOUT from your Account page as well



REMEMBER!  BASIC membership is always free!